In order to get to the otherpower chatroom you need a irc client like MIRCVIRC and ChatZilla for windows. There are also irc clients available for mac. and Linux o/s.
Probably the easiest way is if you use the Firefox browser you can install the the ChatZilla Firefox Extension which is a irc client that works as part of Firefox once you have installed ChatZilla all you have to do is click this link  irc:// and ChatZilla will open and connect to the otherpower chat room. If you want ChatZilla to join #otherpower without having to navigate here and click this link once you are connected to the channel  click "irc" at the top the ChatZilla window. Then click "open this channel at startup". Then all you need to do to join #otherpower is click "tools' at the top of the Firefox browser window. Then click "ChatZilla"

 you could also download the browser suit SeaMonkey this browser has a built in IRC client the same one as the Firefox extension ChatZilla and it works the same once the browser is downloaded and installed. Just open it navigate here and click on the above irc link. If you want ChatZilla in the SeaMonkey browser to automatically go back to #otherpower each time it is opened click "view" and then click "open this channel on startup". Then  all you will have to do is open SeaMonkey and click the [cZ] icon on the lower left.

some users prefer a separate client that is not part of a browser the biggest benefit of this is that you do not have to have the browser running in the background eating up computer resources for it to work.

personally i use mirc i have used it for allot of years it works well.

A word of warning Mirc is nagware and the current versions are very aggressive about getting you to register the product most people find it not worth the bother to fight through getting past the register screen to get it to work without the registration past the trial period and either switch to something else or pay the $20 lifetime registration fee.

First thing you will need to do is download mirc.exe  from the
mirc  website. Open mirc.exe and an installer will walk you through the installation. Its a straight forward windows install.

Once mirc is installed click on the mirc icon on your desktop and when a window comes up asking if you want to register click "continue". Then a window will appear titled "mirc options". Fill in a fake name and a fake email address like none, none@none.come. Then type in a nickname and a alternative nickname.

pic 1

In the list on the left click the little + next to connect and then click the word servers.


Then click [add] and fill in the box that pops up exactly like it is in the picture below

then click [add]
select otherpower from the list it may be on the top of the list or the bottom.
click [select]

click [connect to server]

You will notice in the "status" window that mirc is connecting to the server. After a minute a window will come up titled "mirc favorites". Type #otherpower into the box and click upper join button.

After the first time all you have to do to join #otherpower is open mirc, select otherpower from list, click [select] then click [connect to server], then type #otherpower into the favorite channels window and click join.

page by Kurt